Iron Sharpens Iron

Ministry Overview:
The Men’s Ministry holds monthly Men’s fellowship meetings.  These meetings are held on the first Friday of every month from 7:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m. 1st Friday Fellowship are a time when brethren can dwell together in a spirit of Christian Love. Meetings may center on a discussion of biblical or current events, an invited speaker, or just fellowship.
 Ministry’s Mission/Purpose:
The men’s mission statement: is to “provide Encouragement, Fellowship, & Godly Counsel to the Men of Calvary Baptist Church” and service needs within the congregation.
Ministry Roles & Responsibilities:

  • President - responsible for the overall operations of the ministry, including coordinating events, assisting Men’s Ministry members and communicating with other Ministry leaders and CBC Church Officers.
  • Vice President - Responsible for assisting the President with Ministry Operations and standing in for the President in his absence.
  • Treasurer - Responsible for securing funds from CBC Church Treasury when needed for Men’s Ministry events.  Responsible for collecting funds from Men’s Ministry members for Ministry events and activities.  Responsible for periodically preparing Men’s Ministry financial reports. Responsible for assisting the President with Ministry Operations.
  • Secretary - Responsible for maintaining a telephone roster of Men’s Ministry Members and periodically contacting members to disseminate or receive information.  Responsible for assisting the President with Ministry Operations.
  • Chaplain - Responsible for providing spiritual counsel and guidance to the Men’s Ministry members.  Assist with scripture reading selections and spiritual hymn selections.  Responsible for assisting the President with Ministry Operations.
  • Committee Chairs - Work with the president to assure that the committee stays on tasks in completing assigned activity.  Perform all other duties deemed necessary and appropriate by the membership.
How the Ministry serves the body of Christ and its members:
By mentoring to the men of CBC, doing outreach to the sick & shut-in, & visiting the prisoner Ministry, helping the Women’s Ministry with their programs, supporting Pastor Russell in his endeavors as he speaks at other churches, exposing the men to different activities regarding health, supporting the M.A.D.E M.A.L.E. initiative. All the male fellowship & support Pastor Russell at the Men at Work conference at Shiloh Christian Community Church. In addition, the automotive maintenance 101 was a brainchild developed during one of the monthly fellowships.