Children & Youth Ministry


Ministry Overview
The Ministry teaches the Bible to children between the ages of 2 and 11 years of age weekly.  The lessons increase the knowledge of God, build character and instruct in Church protocol.   The Ministry conducts a weeklong overnight summer camp for children 6-11 years of age.  Teens between 13 and 18 years of age assist the adults in providing supervision for the campers as counselors.  Other Ministry annual activities include the Fall Fest, the Resurrection Brunch, attendance at the Greater Washington Christian Education Conference, and other activities* that we become aware of during the year.
*Other opportunities as they present themselves for the team and/or children to attend such as; workshops, plays, and other entertaining or enlightening programs.
The Children's Ministry is responsible to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a wholesome Christian learning environment on the educational level of children 11 years of age and under, while parents and/or guardians participate in the worship service of the larger assembly.  The Children's Ministry purpose is to plan wholesome activities inside and outside of the church, for the enrichment of children's growth and development between the ages of 6-11 years of age (children under 6 must be accompanied by a parent when going outside of the church).  The Children's Ministry mission is to partner with parents to increase their children's spiritual knowledge, understanding and experiences.
Ministry Roles
There are five teachers in the 8:00 AM Children's Church and ten teachers in the 11:00 AM Children's Church.  The 15 teachers also make up the team that coordinates the other Children's Ministry activities.
In addition to the teachers there is also a choir leader; youth who help in the classrooms and clean during and after Children's Church; and, teachers that work at the Camp but may not work in Children's Church.  Ministry members assist other members in their tasks when necessary.
Service to the body of Christ and Members
Children are capable of understanding who Jesus is, as well as know and learn scripture.  However, the sermon and other activities presented during the worship of the larger assembly are primarily on a level above the understanding of a child under 11 years of age.  Children's Church provides teaching at the child's level.  Without the children during the larger assembly the potential for interruptions and distractions is reduced providing a better worship experience for parents and others sitting near children.  Children's Ministry addresses the mandate of Proverbs 22:16, Train up a child in the way he should go and when he gets old he will not depart from it.